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On this page, we have gathered all information in English.

GranFondo Svendborg

It’s now your chance to participate in one of the biggest cycling races of the year – Gran Fondo Svendborg. It’s one big celebration for the sport we all love – cycling, where anyone who loves to cycle can take part. Whether you’re a beginner, a former elite rider, a current licensed cyclist, a dedicated enthusiast, or cycling for the sake of your health – Gran Fondo Svendborg is the event for you in 2024.

In addition to the race on the beautiful roads of South Fyn, Gran Fondo Svendborg offers the opportunity to qualify for the UCI GRAN FONDO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS 2024 final, which will take place in Aalborg from August 28th to September 1st, 2024.

Gran Fondo Svendborg is more than just another cycling race. It’s a cycling celebration where everyone can participate, whether you want to qualify for the world championship in Aalborg, compete for a place on the podium, beat your own record, cycle as a fitness enthusiast, or simply want to ride with good friends.

Gran Fondo Svendborg embraces everyone, and we open the roads of South Fyn to anyone who wants a cycling experience beyond the ordinary. Participants are expected to come from Denmark, Scandinavia, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands, so look forward to an international atmosphere all around the race.

So, mark the date in your calendar – pack your bike, come to Svendborg, and be part of an unforgettable cycling event. We are confident that Gran Fondo Svendborg will meet, or perhaps even exceed, your expectations whether you participate in the Gran Fondo route of approximately 160 kilometers or the Medio Fondo route of approximately 85 kilometers.

Welcome to Gran Fondo Svendborg and South Fyn.

Preliminary Schedule

Friday, June 7th
Secretariat and number pick-up open. Number pick-up will be available from 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM.
Saturday, June 8th
Secretariat and number pick-up open. Number pick-up will be available from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Individual Time Trial, first start at 9:30 AM. Riders will be sent off with 1-minute intervals. The start will take place on Toldbodvej, and the finish line will be at Centrumpladsen. Further details will follow.
The final start list for the individual time trial will be available on Wednesday, June 5th.
Prize-giving ceremony at Centrumpladsen, immediately after the last rider crosses the finish line.
Sunday, June 9th
Secretariat and number pick-up open. Number pick-up will be available from 7:00 AM to 10:30 AM. Road Race, first start at 10:00 AM. The start will be at Centrumpladsen, and the start boxes will be lined up on Skolegade. Riders will be sent off in starting blocks of approximately 250 – 300 riders each, with the youngest age groups in the first blocks and Medio Fondo in the last boxes. Starting blocks will begin with 7-minute intervals.
Start boxes can be accessed from Dronningemaen: [link provided].
Immediately after June 3rd, the final division of start boxes and the number of them will be announced. There will be a neutral start for 1.5 km before the race begins on Fåborgvej.
Prize-giving ceremony at Centrumpladsen, immediately after the finish.
There will be facilities for showers and changing at the Secretariat. Additionally, there is free parking available all day here.
Additional parking options are available closer to the start/finish area, but parking fees may apply.
See parking options at this link: [link provided].
Secretariat and number pick-up will take place at:
Svendborg Sports Center Ryttervej 70
5700 Svendborg
Svendborg Sports Center is located approximately 2 kilometers from the start/finish area: [link provided].
Changes to the program are reserved.

Routes & Safety

There will be two races – an individual time trial and a road race. The individual time trial route will be completely closed to traffic, allowing you to focus on achieving your personal best time.

For the road race routes, they will be closed to traffic for a duration of 60 minutes from the start. There will be moving road closures ahead, and if you maintain an average speed of 25 km/h, you will have the roads closed during this time.

After the 60 minutes, the route will be opened, and you will need to follow traffic rules. If you want to participate in a cycling race under safe conditions where you don’t have to worry about regular traffic, then Gran Fondo Svendborg is the event you should register for. Throughout the 60-minute period, there will be Race Marshalls on motorcycles sweeping the route.

We will provide the finalized route details here as soon as we have them in place and approved.

Who can join the race and qualify for the World Championship?

Everyone with a passion for cycling is invited to Gran Fondo Svendborg. There is no requirement for a license or club membership. You just need to register – and then you’re a part of the celebration.

The race is open to everyone, with or without a license.

Exceptions for participation include:

  • Riders who have been part of a team registered under UCI in the current year.
  • Riders who have participated in a World Championship, Olympic Games, Continental Games, Commonwealth Games, or World Cups in the current year.
  • Riders who have earned UCI points in the current year.

Qualification through UCI Gran Fondo World Series Svendborg


W1: 19-34 år. – Gran Fondo

W2: 35-39 år. – Gran Fondo

W3: 40-44 år. – Gran Fondo

W4: 45-49 år. – Gran Fondo

W5: 50-54 år. – Medio Fondo

W6: 55-59 år. – Medio Fondo

W7: 60-64 år. – Medio Fondo

W8: 65-69 år. – Medio Fondo

        75-79 år. – Medio Fondo


M1: 19-34 år. – Gran Fondo

M2: 35-39 år. – Gran Fondo

M3: 40-44 år. – Gran Fondo

M4: 45-49 år. – Gran Fondo

M5: 50-54 år. – Gran Fondo

M6: 55-59 år. – Gran Fondo

M7: 60.64 år. – Medio Fondo

M8: 65-69 år. – Medio Fondo

        75-79 år. – Medio Fondo


Registration for Gran Fondo Svendborg is done HERE:

There will be an “Early Bird” registration period during the fall and winter, so stay tuned here, or on our Facebook page.

More practical information can be found here: